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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tougher days again

Either the medication only worked for a few days, or Janey is just having a tough time enough to overcome its effects. Today there was a lot of the hysterical, screaming, ear-covering crying. There were also some good times when she was calm for a while, but by the end of the day, it was all the screaming. She had done very well through Wednesday. Thursday her cousin was visiting who I rarely get to see, and I think she was upset she didn't get my total attention, and she was fairly fussy, although when I told her we would walk to get ice cream in the afternoon, it was really nice---she cheered right up in anticipation even though it was about a half hour before we got out the door. Yesterday there was some of the severe crying, and today the lots of it again. We gave her the doubled dose tonight as we have been told we could if the smaller dose stopped working. But I'm not going any higher than that, so if this stops working or doesn't work, we are back to square one---I won't keep her on medication that doesn't help. It was great the few days it worked---seeing her smiling, calm face so much of the day. She seemed in despair tonight. I can't reach her when she's like that---I try everything on earth---singing, rubbing her back, talking in a calm monologue, distractions---nothing helps. Ignoring her works not at all. I feel so helpless when she cries so hard and I can't help.

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