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Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to school

Janey went back to school today, after her appt. with the psychiatrist. The appt. was okay---I know that psychiatrists mostly just talk about medication these days. I can't really picture any kind of therapy with Janey anyway, with her limited talking. It was interesting---she cried hard for the first time in a few days when we walked into the waiting room. She really doesn't like doctor's offices. It was kind of good in a way to see her that aware of her surroundings. The doctor said we don't have to continue the medication full time---maybe we should try it for a month and then try without it for a month, which I am down with. We didn't increase the dose last night as there was really no need---she's enough better and calmer, and is sleeping. It's been wonderful to have her not cry all day. She was happy to be at school and it was great seeing how happy everyone was to see her. I could have stayed there all day just seeing her happy face with the other kids, and how sweet all the teachers and staff are with her. I do realize how lucky I am that she is in the school she's in, full of people who truly love her, and people I have known for many years now, from before she was a twinkle in our eyes. I hope the day went well. I will pick her up today, although Tony usually does on his days off, as it's World Cup time and Italy is playing---an event of supreme importance.

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