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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My morning so far

4am---Tony's radio alarm goes off loudly, but not loudly enough to wake Tony, although it wakes Janey and me. Janey luckily goes back to sleep after a little crying

6am---Janey wakes for good. She is not happy. I give her milk, oatmeal and an apple. She eats them, is happy for a bit, and then starts the daily screaming spell. She screams for an hour. Most of this time, I have her stay on the "screaming couch". My head pounds. Finally, she stops as quickly as she started.

7am---Janey tries to sneak upstairs to see Uncle Pino. Her new thing is opening the door to the hall and going up on her own. She did this yesterday for the first time---I was turned away and she was up the stairs before I turned back. Now we are using the lock and the chain on the door. She is working on figuring them out. Tony went last night to buy lots more chains.

7:30am---pull-up is off. Janey sits on the potty---which she likes to do occasionally, although NEVER ONCE has she actually used it for its intended purpose. But it's good to see her sitting there.

8am---I put in place my summer plan of getting out of the house early, and we drive to Houghton's Pond, a park and swimming place a few towns over.

8:20am---out of the car at Houghton's. Janey is very happy and the weather is perfect. We run over to the playground. Janey stops short. I wonder if she's overwhelmed. In a minute she takes off her Crocs, which I notice are wet. She has peed into her pull-up. She holds her urine forever, and then pees so much it soaks everything. We head to the car and change her shorts and pullup.

8:45 Ready to finally start the fun at Houghtons. We walk toward the water. I notice Janey is walking oddly. I check---she has filled her pull-up the other way---something she does about once every 2 days. I am out of fresh clothes. We head back to the car

9am---we drive home.

9:15am---change all of Janey's clothes, have coffee, try to think what to do the rest of the day.

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