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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Positive time!

Since I kind of "outed" myself on Facebook, giving a link to this blog, which I haven't done before, I thought I'd try to write something a little more positive. Janey is still having an extremely rough time---screaming non-stop most of the morning. But we had a little success early today with telling her that we weren't going to do what she wanted unless she asked without crying, and then responding immediately to even a second of non-crying. She managed to tell us she wanted salsa, she wanted Kipper, she wanted a few things we were able to give her once she asked without crying. She held herself together for about an hour. Now it's back to the almost non-stop crying. It hasn't been like this for a bit of a while. She is very sensitive to our moods, and we have been a little worried about Freddy and of course it also becomes a vicious circle with her crying---we are tense because she's crying, so she cries because we're tense. I've been trying to do more work lately on Amazon and ebay, but I really can't work when she is screaming. Well, this is not turning out that positively. Let's see---what can I say that's cheery? Hmmm. Since some Facebook readers might possibly be reading this, if they didn't heed my warning it's pretty depressing stuff, I can say how grateful I am to Facebook. It lets me have contact with adults, with friends I really never, ever thought I'd be in contact with again in my life, on a daily basis. I can play my beloved word games, and see what is up in their lives. I really like how it forms a news source that's personalized---for example, yesterday there were all kinds of storms and tornado warnings, and I was able to follow those by reading what people in Maine and here posted. When we had the Canadian smoke, I knew it was on the way from the Maine posts. Some friends that are not on Facebook just don't get it at all---they say things like "if I wanted to talk to an old friend, I'd just call them". Well, you can say that, but in reality, it doesn't happen. Or if it does, you talk once in a few years, say you'd like to keep up, but there is no way you'd have the initiative or time to get a quick update on their lives every day or so. This is especially the case when you have a disabled child. I just am not able to get out there and meet people much. This way, when I have a few minutes free, I can instantly get a socialization fix. It's wonderful.

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happycamper603 said...

I am so glad you outed yourself! Glad also that you have this outlet to write and vent. I will check back on you blog to see what you are writing about.