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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tough week---has to get better

I hope I don't have another week like this one in a hurry. Freddy seems to be on the mend. The best guess is that he had infectious colitis, which is now healing. Just another scary disease you never know exists until you find out the hard way. Janey hasn't had a worse week in years. This morning I set her off by the unforgivable sin of trying to have her watch a Kipper video she hadn't seen before. She loves Kipper, and I found a new one on the Netflix instant viewing cue, and put it on as she seemed happy today. That lasted about one second after she realized she wasn't watching something familiar. She's been screaming now for half an hour. She screamed much of the day at school yesterday too, leading the principal to decide she shouldn't go on a field trip to the junior Special Olympics field day she was supposed to go. Probably the right decision, but I felt sad she missed yet another opportunity due to her tantrums. I think she might have been happy once she was on the school bus. I told her all morning she was going to go on a school bus. But I am glad the principal is involved and caring enough to make such a decision. I'm really drained. I've got nothing left. I wish I could go away for just a day or so. But Janey is very, very upset when I'm not around lately, and it's just too much for one parent to handle that and 2 other kids and all the house stuff. I wish there was still respite money out there. Oh, well. Janey said some good things this morning before she freaked out. She told me early on "I want to watch a Winnie the Pooh video" and when I didn't hop right up, she said "Right now!" Then later when we were doing questions for M&Ms, and I asked her her teacher's name, she said "Ms. LeMeu" for the first time ever. Then I asked her what was in Ms. LeMeu's tummy, and she said right away "A baby". That was great. She often doesn't really listen to the question. I was asking her how old she was, and she constantly said "Janey". Then as a guess, said "J-A-N-E Janey" then "Yellow". She seems to think if something worked once to answer a question, it might work again. Well, she's screaming in my ear so I guess my 5 minute writing time is over.

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