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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Janey's various looks---pictures!

Janey in her happy mode.  I love this contented look.

Janey and Daddy eating at a friend's house.  Her cheeks are like mine---they get red very easily!

Janey got at the camera.  These pictures she takes of herself intrigue me, because I think they might show her inner self more than ones that I take.  She takes them because she wants to, when she wants to.  Her hair is crazy, the way she likes it, and she looks curious, like she's trying to figure out how the camera works.


mknecht24 said...

Gotta love that face! :)

Suzanne said...

The face that is amazingly like Lindsey's face, another face you gotta love!

Sophie's Trains said...

She reminds me of Sophie too.. The blue eyes, the gap in teeth.. Similar expression. I always wondered if there was a slight set of common features particular to autism.
Either way, she is a cute girl :)

Suzanne said...

I wonder too about the similarity in how kids with autism look, and I think it's more noticeable with girls. I wish I could find an article I read once a long time ago about physical appearance and autism. It talked also about how often kids with autism are very pretty, and Sophie and Lindsey certainly fit that mold, and I'll put aside my mother's modesty and say Janey does too!