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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Janey came up to me just now and said "Halloween!" in her voice that means "I want Halloween right now!" Then she said "custom" which I figured out meant "costume". And after that "Peter and the Wolf!" A nice golden week sequence. I have no idea where she has ever heard of Peter and the Wolf, and I've never heard her say "costume" before. And last Halloween, a brief attempt to get her in a costume and out trick-or-treating didn't go well at all. But still... I did my best to explain Halloween is a once a year kind of thing, and if we went trick-or-treating right now, we'd strike out, due to a lack of candy preparedness, to say nothing of how people would not like to be disturbed in the midst of the Super Bowl. Janey didn't get much of what I was saying, I'm sure, but I enjoyed the whole conversation, and she seems satisfied with my answer.

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