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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bizarre Foods

If you look at what Janey eats in terms of nutrition, she's way ahead of either of my boys at her age, and probably also way ahead of a great deal of the population. But if you look at her food choices, you can't help but be struck by how bizarre many of them are. Bizarre, but overall nutritious. It makes me wonder how much of diet is a result of social expectations. If we really ate what we were drawn to eat, how different would our diets look?

Here's some examples of foods Janey loves----

Ketchup, straight from the bottle
Spicy spaghetti sauce, also cold and from the bottle
Raw onions
Minced garlic cloves, from the jar
Cabbage slaw
Peanuts "in the shell"---they have to be cracked freshly in front of her
"Cashew peanuts" (which used to be cashews, but now are almonds
Chocolate bunnies (any other form of chocolate animal is NOT acceptable)
Purple Ice Cream (Hood Black Raspberry, nothing else works)
The marshmellows from the Lucky Charm
Chinese Rice (fried rice)
Lettuce on its own
Bread, but only good, expensive bread that comes in a French style loaf
"Cake" (which means hugely expensive Tiramisu from Whole Foods)
The frosting from cupcakes
Chocolate Milk
Chicken (which has to be freshly made by Daddy, but can be in most any form)
"Cheese Cutter" (must be Shaws brand cheese, with the wrapper around for her to examine to make sure we aren't giving her anything else)

And then there's the non-food items that Janey craves, and we try hard to keep away from her...

Play Doh (Janey loves Play-Doh, but loves it for the wrong reasons)
Paper of any kind (And here's an instance where I can relate, as I had a touch of pica myself as a girl, and loved to eat paper. I've learned not to, mostly)
Her sleeves (off and on)
Assorted small pieces of toys (one of the many reasons she needs to be watched at all times)

I don't have much of a conclusion here. Just wonderment, as often, at the mystery that is Janey.

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