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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some great talking and thinking

Janey has had a terrific few days in terms of things she's being saying, which show things she's been thinking. I figured I should jot some of them down, because it's easy to forget this kind of great stretch when she's in a not so great stretch!

This morning, she started reciting lines from "The Three Little Pigs", which I think is almost a marker for autistic spectrum disorders, judged by how many kids on the spectrum I've heard are into it. I started playing along with it, saying "Little Pig, LIttle Pig, let me come in! Not by the...." and letting her finish, which she did with delight. Then I huffed and puffed and pretended to blow down the house and eat the piggy all up. She loved it, and when I got distracted, said "I want my game". I wasn't sure what she meant at first, but then realized she was referring to our playacting as a game! I was thrilled, both that she thought of a name of it and that she asked for more of something not concrete.

Yesterday, she had an afternoon with my dear friend Maryellen. Maryellen is one of Janey's favorite people on earth. She is really the only person outside of school that is able to watch Janey, and that I trust to do so. It's not that other people wouldn't want to try, or wouldn't like to help in that way, but I know Janey is happy with Maryellen and Maryellen is happy with Janey. Janey was thrilled to be there. When it was time to go, she had a very hard time, and it struck me I can't remember her ever fighting leaving anyplace but school in the past. She cried and clung to Maryellen, and then tried all kinds of words. She said "you are going home!" trying to pull Maryellen into our car, and then said "You had a good time!", in that she was saying something like "Didn't you have a good time? Why can't it last longer?" Maryellen and I were both close to tears at that point, I think. I love it that she can form close relationships with people other than immediate family. She is close with many people at school---her teachers, teachers in other classes, Nurse Pat (the school nurse), Mr. John (the custodian), the aide in her room, Mr. Bill, the aide from her room last year, Ms. Allie, and lots of others. But outside of school, it doesn't happen as often, and it is great to see her love for Maryellen.

She is also starting to notice our kittens, in a tiny way. It's funny how she usually relates to them. It's as if they are invisible. They can be right on her, and she does her darnest to pretend they aren't there. But lately, she does tiny things, like reach out and touch one of them gently, just to show she acknoledges they exist.

Now she is bringing me her coat, which she does when she is ready to go someplace. Not right now, but it's nice she is communicating!

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