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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Janey: M&Ms

Me: We don't have any M&Ms

Janey: (in the kind of loud voice people use when someone doesn't speak English) EMMM and EMMMMMs!

Me: I'm sorry, we don't have M&Ms.

Janey: Bowl!

Me: What do you want in a bowl?

Janey: M&Ms!

Me: I can't make there be M&Ms just because you want them. We don't have any M&Ms.

Janey: (climbs to open a snack bin in search of the M&Ms I am surely hiding)

Me: There aren't any in there.


Me: I appreciate you saying please, but there are no M&Ms. Maybe we can get some after school.

Janey: (in the kind of voice a parent would use talking to a child) I WANT SOME EMMMMMM and EMMMMMMs PLEASE.

Me: Maybe Pino (my brother in law upstairs) has some. Maybe Freddy can get some in a little bit.

Janey: (Intense attempt to open the locked door to the stairs to Pino's apartment. Attempt successful for the first time ever. I run over and reclose the door and relock it) I want M&Ms now.

Me: Freddy, could you please get Janey a few M&Ms before I go insane?

Freddy: I don't have time. I'm on a very tight schedule in the morning. Don't you understand how little time I have in the morning... (continues to explain this for about 3 times the time it would have taken to get some M&Ms)

Me: Just get the M&Ms. Now.

Freddy (goes upstairs and gets a handful of M&Ms)

Janey (eats a few of the M&Ms) I want fortune cookies.

Me: How can it still be only 6:15am?

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