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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easily amused

I noticed the other day that there is a little clickable place at the top of my blog that says "Next blog" and being the curious type that I am, I clicked it. I don't know how they pick which blog is next, but it was fun to do---it took me to what seemed like a random other blog, and I kept doing the same thing with each blog and looked at all kinds of blogs. I think they each somehow loosely connected to the one before, as I got into a string of them about jewelry making somehow, so used the back button and tried again, and got different blogs. It was an enjoyable use of an hour. And I got some ideas about ways I should spice up this blog, or at least make it fit more in the family blog mode....

Put lots more recipes on, with pictures, and emphasize how I cook about 20 meals ahead and freeze them, and make my own flour and salt.

Talk a lot about my "dh", dear husband, and about how I married my best friend (I thought that was still illegal in most states?)

Mention much more often than I do about how blessed I am.

Take the kids on a lot more vacations and take a lot more pictures of them while on those vacations. Especially, I need to take them to Disney World.

Be relentlessly positive. Always look at everything as being on the way up.


Put little apps on that show exactly what age my kids are, and how close it is to Christmas.

Don't have teenagers. None of the best blogs have kids older than 7 or so.

Start exercising, and write a lot about it. Keep a running log. Talk about how good I feel after a long run.

Shun junk food.

Get some jazzier background.

In general, don't be such a downer all the time.

I'm being sarcastic a bit, of course. And not all the blogs were like that. But I did feel like I'm not with the program in some ways, but then, I've felt like that my whole life. It's only in the last 5 years or so that I've been able to say to myself those two great little words and mean them..."Who cares?" Who cares if I don't have a house in the suburbs, kids in youth sports and a model's body? Who cares if my kids have never been in a plane and never set foot on Disney property? Who cares if none of us are totally mainstream people? Of course, some days I do care, but more often, I've reached the point where I don't care. I want my family to be happy, and to be decent, kind, thoughtful people. I think my boys are on their way, and I will do all I can to guide Janey in that direction. So, who care about the rest?


Lisa Stone said...

I also found the next blog button and found your blog. I loved this post. I have teenagers, my kids have not set foot in Disney either, and while I do admit to feeling good when I exercise, I don't do it very often! I'll definitely be checking back!

Lisa Stone said...

OK, so I also can't figure out how to post a link. If you copy and paste, though, you'll find a post sorta like yours!

Miz Kizzle said...

I am fascinated by blogs written by people who are utterly and completely unlike me.
One that comes to mind is by a woman who seemingly imagines herself to be a celebrity of some sort. She posts endless photos of herself wearing many different outfits, videos of how to apply makeup so we can look just like her and endless ruminations on her body and whether she is losing the weight gained from her recent multiple pregnancy fast enough.
I have no idea how she finds the time to take care of her children or keep house. She doesn't work outside the home and her main interest seems to be herself -- particularly her appearance.
Another of my favorite blogs is by a guy who is just crazy about outhouses. He posts pictures of his favorites and writes about their history with unusual verve and zest.
I guess I just like glimpses into lives that are totally unlike mine.