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Friday, March 4, 2011

Autism from a kid's eyes

Yesterday after school, a very sweet and cheery little boy that used to be in Janey's class said "Hi, Janey!" when he saw her, as he always does. And Janey, as she nearly always does, completely ignored him. And I, as I almost always do, stopped, said "Janey, can you say hi?" and waited, and then said hi for her. As we walked away, I heard him telling his father "Janey doesn't talk and she doesn't look at you. But you can talk to her and look at her, if you want to". I loved that. It is why I love her inclusion school. No-one most likely has ever sat down with him and taught him about autism and what it means, or told him how he should react to someone who doesn't give you any social feedback, but he knows.

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