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Friday, September 12, 2008

Songs that get caught

Janey often has a problem with songs getting "stuck"---she will start singing a song to herself very happily, but after a while she just can't stop and she gets more and more upset, all the while singing through her tears. It's awful to see and very hard to help. Tonight was the first time she told me she was stuck. She wasn't singing, so I guess it was stuck in her head---she said "I am stuck! Itsy bitsy spider! Help me!" I wish I knew how. I sang other songs out loud which sometimes helps, but basically she just finally fell asleep unhappy. Also earlier tonight was the first time she said "upset". Tony was worked up about something and talking loud, and I told her to stop or Janey would get upset, and she said "I upset".

Overall she had a cheery day, but in the car driving to school I decided to try playing one of her CDs. She used to love that, but lately gets hysterical if I play them. She is fine with news radio or even my stations like country or rock, but her kids CDs drive her out of her mind. I put one on for just a second and it turned a happy day into a horrible crying spree. I wonder if she worries about the songs she likes getting stuck. Music ties in so much to all her issues, and I wish I understood her mind and could help her use it constructively.

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