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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Screaming night

Janey had one of her screaming crying nights last night. About 6 she started to whimper, and then it turned into full blown screaming and crying for hours. Her nose was running a little which sometimes makes her crazy. She kept saying "Don't push Jhondell" (a boy in her class) so maybe she pushed him or he pushed her, and it kept flashing back,but it's hard to say. After a couple hours of crying my patience is just gone. Tony finally took her in her sleepers for a ride in the car until she fell asleep, and she slept all night well and is still asleep. I can take almost anything but the non-stop crying.

Today she starts after school. It's hard because I can't really explain it to her. I did the best I can but I am sure she has no clue. I hope it's not a disaster. We get it for free, one of the few benefits ever we have gotten from the state, mainly because I never apply for them, just another form of denial, but also because we are above poverty level, but don't make enough to actually afford anything on our own.

Oh, well. Janey's talking isn't bad lately. She has started using people's names a lot when talking,like saying "Mama, I want cheese-its!". yesterday she was talking about a snowman, and I asked her where it was, and she actually SHOWED me---it was painted on an advent calendar thing we have!

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