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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The fun parts

Lest Janey's recent mischief-filled days overshadow the fun that is Janey, here's a few of the cool moments from recent times----

Janey's enthusiasm for going places---any places pretty much. Last night we had to go out in the evening to pick up the boys from a teen night at a museum. Janey saw it was getting dark out and we were getting her ready to go out, and she was overcome with delight. A car ride? At night? It was like we'd given her a million dollars.

Her growing abilities to figure out electronic devices. The other day, I heard music coming from the iPad that I didn't recognize. I watched Janey playing, and saw she had somehow figured out how to go to a game I play and click a long series of buttons to get to a place where you could watch preview videos for other games, and was enjoying some kind of Barbie Fashion video. I was amazed. She can also now turn on the TV, go to Netflix, pick a show and pick an episode. This is the girl that the technology person for the Boston Public Schools said would "maybe" be able to operate a one button speech device.

Her dancing. She has started watching "Yo Gabba Gabba", which is a weird but dance-intensive show. She follows the moves shown closely, and imitates them very well.

Her ever-evolving tastes in music. She now stops me often when I play songs in the car and says "I like that! I want...(name of song)" Yesterday it was "Hey Nineteen", a song I love, and we listened to it happily together 4 times. Her tastes are pretty eclectic, though---the other day it was "Phantom 309", a creepy ghost story trucker song done by Red Sovine.

Her ability to stay on topic, but mix it up. This mostly relates to her new love of getting Happy Meals at McDonalds or Burger King. When she wants one, she thinks of about a hundred ways to ask for one, as if we just aren't getting her the first time "I want Old McDonald!" "I want fries OR nuggets!" "I want go to the drive-through" "Old McDonald had a farm, and on that farm he had some CHICKENS!" and of course the old faithful "I want McDonalds NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW" She doesn't seem to get that discouraged if we say no repeatedly---that's part of the fun of the hunt for her.

Her growing relationship with her brothers. She puts on a different Janey when she is with them---a pesty little sister Janey. The other day in the car, she and Freddy were exchanging pokes and nasty looks and yells---something I would be tired of if it had happened for years now, but it's new, at least having her an active participant and seeming to enjoy the game.

There's many more. I get so tired and discouraged some days I think I portray Janey in too negative a light. There are many times a day she delights us---sometimes through our tears of frustration, but still, she is amazing in a lot of ways.


Sabrina Steyling said...

Janey is full of mystery and wonder, and it's great to hear about all of great qualities.

I love music too, and although I'm in my 30s I gravitate mostly toward '60s and '70s music. Stevie Nicks is my ultimate favorite, followed by ABBA. Not sure if I mentioned ABBA before, but since their music is so catchy and dance-worthy, do you think Janey might like them?

Eileen said...

Wonderful post and blog! I am so happy to have discovered it! I have two girls on the spectrum and have just written a book you may find helpful. Here's the amazon link if you would like to check it out:

Thanks! Eileen