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Friday, September 25, 2009

School not bad

Janey is doing fairly well starting kindergarten, at least in terms of not crying all day. Everyone seems pleased with how happy she is at school. Tony and I went to the open house last night and her teachers went over the class schedule. It sounded great---an amazing amount of terrific learning centers, lots of music, etc, but both of us were sitting there thinking---great, but how much of this is Janey going to understand? Very little of it. But she actually is out of the room a lot, getting speech, OT, PT, ABA and soon music therapy. So she gets the regular class situation but lots of extra help too. The question is, does she learn anything? I have to admit to myself that her speech is not improving---I would say it's worse than 6 months ago---very few sentences lately, mostly one or two words. Some things are better, what I would call self-help skills---she jumps into her car seat easily, she is so good at using her hands to play with things, figure things out. Her eating is pretty good. But talking...not so much. It is discouraging. Sometimes it would almost be easier if she had never talked much. But there are those long sentences we've heard at times, and complex ones. I know when she was 2, she said something along the lines of "I was scared by that Sesame Street show on the internet Freddy showed me" (Elmo's got a gun parody) It kills me to think of that. How did I let her slip along without realizing it? Was it our long trip? Did something physical happen? Does she have that Landau-Klippel syndrome even though no seizures showed up on the EEG? What is wrong?

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