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Saturday, October 3, 2009

We never know where she thinks these things up

When Janey does speak in a clear sentence, it's often something we have no idea where she gets. This morning she said "Don't stick your thumb in the ice cream---it's NOT funny!" She also said "I want to go on the merry-go-round". The other day she said "I can't see the far-away things. Please help me" These sentences comes out of nowhere and are in such contrasts to her usual talking, which is often just sounds---lately she likes GaGaGa. Or how she talks when we ask her a question and insist on an answer and she takes the rare route and does answer---often then it sounds garbled and like someone with speech articulation problems, which she really doesn't have, at least usually. Her talking is so mysterious. And then there's the snatches of songs---often songs I've played in the car. Last night, over and over she sang "Making lazy circles in the sky" from Oklahoma. Her taste in music is very specific. She likes show tunes usually, but not super emotional ones, she likes songs with a clear voice and a clear beat, she likes dancing type songs but NOT disco---she can spot disco a mile away. Sometimes I think she likes a song so much she just can't take it. Last night I was playing "On the Road Again" and she was thrilled, clapping and happy and smiling, but then started to scream. I turned it off and she was saying "On the Road again ON! On the Road again OFF!" I figured out she liked it but it was just too much excitement right then. She is interesting to figure out, but when you live with her all the time, it goes from the theoretical to the practical and gets very tiring.

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