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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steps forward, steps back

Janey is doing a lot of screaming in the mornings again. I have no idea usually what in the world is wrong. Something sets her off and she just cries and cries. I try the whole routine of asking if she wants different things, holding her, etc, and finally just try to ignore it, which is what I have been told to do. It goes against my nature but seems to work better than anything else does.

She has done some good talking off and on lately, though. Yesterday in the morning she said "I want my coffee and I want my whipped cream" I don't think I've heard her use a compound sentence like that before. In the car after school yesterday, she was looking at some book and I said "What are you reading?", the kind of question I ask a million times and she never answers. This time she said "What are you reading? You can say 'I'm reading a book'" Then said "I'm reading a book" It was in a rehearsed voice, and I am sure she learned that kind of response at school, but it was nice to hear.

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