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Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to kindergarten

It's the big day, the day I must admit I've been waiting for since December 26, 2003 (when we realized we would have a 3rd child!)---all three kids are in school all day! The morning went fairly smoothly. Janey had some cranky and upset moments this morning, but that's not rare. When we were getting in the car, she said "I want to go to Christine's house", a place she loves to go and I guess something she wanted to do more than go to kindergarten. I said "Are you a little nervous?" and she said "A little nervous, Janey". Once she saw the school, she seemed happy, though. We met 3 kids who are new (weren't there for K0 or K1) who will be in her class (all seemed regular ed) and talked to lots of old friend teachers. This marks the start of my 10th year with a child at the O'Hearn (except for now it's the Henderson). It was great to be able to drop Janey off with no qualms. We barely even stayed in the classroom---I thought I'd make room for new parents who didn't feel as confident as I did. I am excited and nervous for Janey. I know she will chew her shirt, get wet or dirty from her diaper, freak out about things, etc...but I know it will all be handled by the school, and that she's in a place she is loved and cared for.

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