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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer is STILL almost over

It seems sometimes like summer will last forever, which in my mind is NOT a good thing. I really have never, ever liked summer, and I still don't. I don't like the heat, the unstructured time, the isolation it seems to bring, any of it. I am always happier when things are in a routine.

William started high school on Thursday, and Freddy will start Boston Latin School (7th grade) this coming Thursday, and Janey will finally start kindergarten on the 14th. I hope the year goes well. She is in the class I wanted her to be in. More and more I can't really picture her fitting well into a classroom routine, since K2 will be a bit more structured than K1 or K0. Maybe she will surprise me. I worry about her biting at school, or crying until they don't know what to do and call me, or wetting through her pull-up, or all sorts of things. I hope she learns and has fun. I am very much looking forward to days to myself, getting more work done, etc.

Janey used the regular potty today, not to pee of course. We have more warning of the other bathroom need. Tony got her a insert seat and she used that well, but of course we put her on the potty, it wasn't like an independent use.

She has starting eating all her clothes, like William used to a long time ago. Her tops are full of holes.

She has gotten into Barney now, and likes him more than Kipper. I am already tired of the few videos we can find from when the boys were little. I guess it fits into her likes---lots of singing and dancing.

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