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Friday, January 23, 2009

Why is autism so polarizing?

This morning I was trying to look up methods of teaching autistic kids to read. It was so frustrating, as everything that I found was connected to one fanatical school of thought or another---how to teach using ABA, how to teach while eating a special diet (what does that have to do with reading?), how to teach through floor time...what if you just want to teach them to read, and you don't follow one of the strict regiments? Then I thought of looking at homeschooling autistic kids, not that I am thinking of that---with Janey's love to school, that would be cruel! All I could find about that was other fanatic sites about how much better homeschooling is, and how your child being autistic shouldn't keep you from homeschooling and how the system tries to force you to send your kids to school---nothing about HOW TO TEACH THEM. There must be research or methods out there of teaching a child with autism things like colors and shapes and numbers. Or I am starting to wonder---is there? Is everyone so focused on "curing" the autism and getting credit for that, that no-one just accepts---okay, they are autistic, and now how can we help them learn what they need to know? That is how I feel. I don't think Janey is going to suddenly become non-autistic. I've accepted that. So where do we go from here? How do I help her learn? Is anyone going to help her learn?

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