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Friday, January 16, 2009

Home today, ups and downs

Mostly things lately have felt positive with Janey. I managed to contact someone about a big autism study at MGH, and will most likely be part of it, which will result in Janey (and the boys) getting some very good evaluations. Janey has been talking a lot. One day especially on the way to school she impressed me. She said "There's the Dunkin Donuts!" (which is right across the street but which she has never commented on before). Then a bit later "The ice cream place is gone!" Actually, they had a new sign so they looked quite different, but were still there! I told her that, and she said "The ice cream place is OPEN!". Then I pointed out the Chinese place, and she said "The Chinese restaurant is OPEN!" I hadn't said restaurant, so I was happy with that! For years she has been totally quiet on the ride to Dorchester, so it was wonderful to hear her talk.

Today I kept her home as it was so cold. It's been off and on. She explored her diaper which was dirty---that hasn't happened in a while. She also was getting obsessed with reading a book about The Three Little Kittens. I got out a book of fairy tales she got for Christmas and read a story while she screamed. By the end she had calmed down and was sort of listening, so I read another later with less screaming. I also played catch with her for a while, again, ignoring her protests until she calmed down. I guess I have to accept she is never going to WELCOME new or changes in activities, but she still needs them and likes them usually after a while. It's just hard to make myself do something which I know will make her cry. I've always been a sucker for crying. I overheard Freddy telling William when they were about 8 and 5 "Just cry about making cookies and you know Mama will make them if you cry!" Guilty as charged.

It is hard when she does bizarre things. Today I caught her taking dirty corn chips out of the trash and trying to eat them. She just doesn't catch on to things that you would not think you would have to explicitly teach, like that food in the trash is yucky. I always have to be on guard. But I have more hope most days she WILL learn.

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