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Friday, January 9, 2009

Good times

I had some great times with Janey the past few days. I feel like we really were connecting, after feeling for a while like she liked everyone else better than Mama! The other night, Tony was working out with the ski machine, so I took her into the bathroom to keep her out of his way. There was a big My Little Pony in there, an oversized one. She showed an interest so I ran with it, and we gave the pony a bath and shampoo. Then we played with him (her?) for such a long time! Janey was really playing some nice pretend play and we both were having fun. She told me to kiss the pony, and actually held it up to my lips and said "MAH" like a kiss. Then today I was playing show tunes on the TV, one of the music channels, and they played "Let's Go Fly A Kite" She was in the sunlight and started to dance to it, her wonderful dancing which she must have gotten from her grandfather Amara as I sure can't dance and Tony doesn't much either. I got up and danced and sang with her, in the light, and it just felt like one of those perfect moments, like at the end of a movie or tv show when the music swells and you get that Happily Ever After moment. I have to remember moments like that. I love her so much just the way she is---she is an amazing girl---beautiful, creative, graceful, endless fascinating. Certainly challenging, but also just an amazing daughter.

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