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Monday, January 19, 2009

Janey's brothers

I was thinking a lot today about how Janey's autism affects her brothers. They are playing Guitar Hero right now, that they got for Christmas. Something about the game completely sets off Janey, and so they have barely played it. They love it, and I know they'd be playing it all the time if she didn't hate it so. A lot of what we do is guided by what upsets her and what doesn't. They don't complain much, they probably can't remember that well what it was like before it was that way, and William especially is very understanding of Janey. Freddy played SO well with her yesterday, and got her talking like she very rarely does. They don't object much to watching her while I do housework now and then. They are good brothers, but it can't be that easy for them at times. And we don't hesitate to say to them that someday it's possible they will be the ones to take care of her totally. I know a lot of people say they don't want their kids to feel that way, but I think family has to think that way, and it doesn't hurt kids to know there are some things we just do because we are family. Carrie's boyfriend Joe is such a wonderful example. I do think I need to keep trying to make sure they each have some time with Tony and me doing things they enjoy without Janey around at times, and that we all need to find things the whole family enjoys we can do WITH her around.

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