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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Janey had her IEP meeting today. I guess it went well---as always, everyone loves her, all her services are staying the same or getting a little more, etc. But it seems like she is making so little progress. Any progress they mentioned was so tiny---learning the routines a tiny bit more, sometimes talking a little bit more. They try hard to be positive but do have to mention things like how her mood can vary wildly and that has a huge effect on how she does each day, and how no-one can tell what will make her happy or sad. They all mention the music, and they are going to try to get her music therapy. I know they all love her, and that is great, I just wish she was learning more.

The ABA is better than I had thought it would be. Christina is just wonderful. She is really gifted. She is so firm but caring, and really expects a lot of Janey. But hearing her report was a little discouraging as things I thought she had pretty much mastered it still sounded like she had a long way to go on. I know it's all a slow process. But the years are going by. Janey is almost 5 now.

Janet, the speech therapist, noted all the things she sometimes does well saying---lots of pronouns, plurals, vowel tenses, etc, when she is in the mood. But when she isn't, she can be basically mute.

I wish I understood her. Sometimes I think I am starting to, but then I am not. Tonight when she was upset, she said crying "I get sad. I get tired. I get angry. I get hurt. I get jealous" I guess that covers it.

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