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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Janey's cats

These cats have been Janey's favorite toys for a long time. Today we made some doll clothes for them, with my usual slopping workmanship. It was a lot of fun for me---like so many things I do with Janey, I am not sure if she really cared less. But she loves having her picture taken, so she looked happy for the pictures anyway. The first picture shows her in her manic sort of laughing face we see a lot. She looks happy, but she is not really engaged, more just laughing to herself at her own inner jokes. She was singing a made up Scooby Do song (another thing like Sonic she has never actually seen, but she likes the sound of). The second picture shows her a lot more engaged, and actually looking at me, which is always nice. It's the elusive state I like to see but have a hard time getting from her---calm and engaged, not crying or manic or zoning out.

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