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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More hands in front of eyes

Janey is really getting into the visual stim type thing. It upsets me a lot to see---it interests her more now than most anything. I find her often when I am not completely engaging her off in a corner with her hands over her eyes like glasses, looking at things that way. It's scary that she loves to do it so much. But on the other hand, some good talking lately. Last night she walked all around the house saying what she saw---"I see my computer, I see the TV, I see the cram-raw (camera)" etc. The way she says things she doesn't usually say is so different than how her usual talking is, it's slowed down and in a whole different tone, that is how the "cram-raw" was said. The other day I put new sheets on my bed, and she wanted so much to comment on it. You could also see the wheels turning, and finally she said "you have a snowman blanket". Actually, it was sheets with snowflakes, but I certainly got her point. It's nice she does still try to communicate.

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