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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten things I'm grateful for---an exercise in positive thinking!

I wrote a post earlier today, and then deleted it after a bit.  I've only done that once or twice, but in this case, I realized I was letting my own discouraged feelings creep too much into my writing.  I was writing about how I felt, not about Janey, and although I'm sure there's a time for that, I have always wanted this blog to be about Janey.

I've been impressed lately with grateful lists that people have put on Facebook.  I am going to try to challenge myself to write ten things I really, truly feel grateful for in my life, things that relate to Janey.  I guess, in a way, I'm again writing about me and not Janey, but hopefully in a way that will help me focus back in on her!  So here goes...

1.  I'm grateful Janey can talk as much as she can.  I know there are many, many parents of kids like Janey who would give almost anything to hear their child talk.  I try to never, ever take her talking for granted.

2.  I'm grateful for a husband who is amazingly supportive, a true partner in raising Janey, and her favorite person on earth.

3.  I'm grateful for my sons, who make me proud every day and who are wonderful brothers to Janey.

4.  I'm grateful for the Boston Public Schools, who do a fantastic job with Janey and other children with special needs.

5.  I'm grateful for Janey's physical health.  I don't think there's many 10 year old on the planet who have been sick less than her.

6.  I'm grateful for Janey's love of music.  It's something we can enjoy together, and something I hope is a lifetime source of happiness for her.

7.  I'm grateful for the internet, for the chance to connect with other parents around the world with children like Janey.

8.  I'm grateful for friends, both those I know in person and those I know on-line.

9.  I'm grateful for living in this day and age, where knowledge of autism is growing all the time.

10.  I'm grateful for Janey.  I'm grateful I have a daughter, a beautiful, interesting, fascinating and unique girl.  Here's a picture of her early on, the girl I thought I'd never have...

That wasn't even hard to do, and I feel better! There is something to this positive thinking bit...


Shanti said...

Great list! I feel better just reading it!

Shanti said...

Great! I feel better just reading it!

Sabrina Steyling said...

What a wonderful list! I've been jotting down daily bits of gratitude for a long time now, and it does change your perspective over time.

I love that picture of Janey. She was, is, and I'm sure always will be a very beautiful girl! You are definitely blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive (and good looking!) family!