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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Future visions

My leg is much better today, although still a bit of a mystery injury. I was able to drive Janey to and from summertime school, but by the time I got back from picking her up, the pain was hitting a bit. So I got an brief try of what it would be like to care for Janey while unable to move around well. In short, I really can't. I managed by letting her do most anything that wouldn't hurt her, which included eating bites of most of a box of donuts and throwing the rest on the floor, pouring herself some seltzer and getting much of it on the floor and then having me use the remote to change Netflix shows about every 2 minutes to keep her happy. The boys were both at their summer programs and Tony was at work, and I had about 2 hours to fill. She didn't try anything dangerous---there isn't much dangerous she can get at in the house, as we have childproofed pretty heavily---no burners on the stove, anything potentially harmful on high shelves or locked. She is easily able to open the bungle cords we have used to keep the fridge closed, though, so basically if I can't get to her, she will eat what she feels like eating---not dangerous, but odd, like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, mayonnaise, those stale breads that come with Chinese food, etc. Those are the reasons I keep on my toes always around her. I could see her at all times, and of course I would have pushed through the pain had she tried to do anything that could hurt her, but the house was a mess when Tony and the boys got home (not that it isn't always a mess, but more of one!)

And that is what triggered future visions. I'm not getting younger. I hope I'll be in good shape for many years to come, and I hope Janey gets easier. But what if she doesn't, and what if I get a worse injury? What if I got very sick? What if I, well, was no longer around? What happens to the kids that never grow up? How does it work? If there are really that many kids with autism out there, I can't see how it will be possible for them to have enough adult housing for all of them. There are going to be a lot of adults with autism living at home with aging parents. That's the big issue that is going to have to be tackled in the next 20 years in the world of autism.

So for now, I'll just hope my leg gets all better soon. I'll say a huge thank you to summer school, and to my husband and boys for all they do. And we'll manage, for now.

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