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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Throwing the Penguin

Yesterday we drove out to central MA to take Freddy to a cast party that was being held there. I'd say it was one of our more successful road trips with Janey. Very little crying, and lots of talking. Road trips have always been something our family enjoys, but we haven't done many for the past 4 years, because it's so hard with Janey, but maybe that is changing. We brought her iPad, although she didn't use it much, we had the iPod for her music, although we didn't listen to it much and I had a big bag of random stuffed animals I got for $4 at the thrift store, and I handed her one when things were getting boring for her. We also kept her very well fed. She asked for a Happy Meal early on in the trip, and we've come to realize that if she's at all hungry, even if she doesn't know how to tell us, she falls apart. Once she had the meal, she cheered up.

Among the cool things during the drive---Janey threw one of the stuffed animals at Tony while he was driving, which of course was NOT cool, but what was cool was what she said as soon as she threw it "We DON'T throw the penguin at Daddy while he is driving, Janey!" Both a very long sentence for Janey and one of the first times she's let us know that she did understand that what she was doing was wrong, before we had a chance to call her on it.

She also just interacted more with her brothers than she usually does. Them all being crammed into the small back seat probably does this some. Freddy was having a Slim Jim, and Janey wanted some. He gave her a little bit, and she said "give me more bite, Freddy!" Also, she wanted some candy that he had, and said "Those are not your candies, Freddy!"

The picture is of her in a mall ride spaceship. She was really too big for it, but she loved it!

Overall, a cheerful day---something I love.


Sabrina said...

I am happy to hear that Janey (and everyone) had such a great day! I love her smile in the spaceship picture. :)

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Manic Mom said...

She looks so happy in that pic. I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank You!!!

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