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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Once in a while, animals like soda

Every now and then, Janey does or says something that is so unlike her usual ways that it is almost weird. It's great, often, to hear or see, but it's also very frustrating. It makes me feel there's parts of brain that she just can't usually access, and makes me think if I could figure out how to access them, she could make huge jumps forward, but for the life of me I don't know how to do that.

Yesterday, Janey kept saying "What do caterpillars drink?" I assume that is something they talked about at school, or that she saw on TV or in a video. It was like most phrases she uses---she wasn't looking for an answer, just liked saying it. I answered anyway, of course. I said "I guess they probably like to drink water" or something along those lines every time she said it. Then, after about 20 times during the day of it being said, she answered it herself, and said "Caterpillars drink soda." I said "I don't think they drink soda. Animals never drink soda. They don't like soda. Only people drink soda" She looked at me straight in the eye, and said "ANIMALS LIKE SODA!" I laughed through my stunnedness, and said "I really don't think they do!" and she repeated it, again, looking at me directly and sounding almost angry "ANIMALS LIKE SODA!" It reminded me for all the world of Freddy at that age (or at this age, too) having to be right and having to have the last word! I was thrilled.

To get how unusual a response like this is, you would have to probably see Janey and listen to her for a few days. She doesn't talk in that way. She is just not responsive in that way. She doesn't look at me to emphasize a point. She isn't direct like that. Except...she was. Some maybe sometimes animals DO like soda.

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