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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer School

I went with Janey and Freddy to the open house at her summer school today. I was quite nervous about going, just because of last year's open house, during which Janey completely freaked out. But this year went a lot more smoothly. The summer school is in a different location this year, much more suited for young kids. I found out that it's also going to be a program for autistic kids only at that location. This will be the first time Janey is in a class with all other autistic kids. I'm quite interested to see what that is like. The summer school is located at the center for autism education in the city, so the classroom is set up for autistic kids. Janey was a little upset going into the school, but nothing like last year. I think her ability to understand what I am saying has taken a huge leap. I said at one point that she might get to swim at summer school (which now I think she won't get to do) and today when I said we were going to see the school, she went and found her bathing suit and tried to put it on, and said "I want to go to the swimming pool". That was great. I talked and talked to her about how the school was going to be for summer only, and it was a different place than last year, and when the fall came she would go back to her regular school, and so on. I doubt she understood that much of what I said, but I don't know what she does and doesn't get, so I am going to start erring on the side of telling her more than she gets. We didn't get to meet her teacher today, but I'll meet her on Monday.

The summer so far has been a mixed bag. Janey has done some great things, lots of talking and understanding, but most days also feature a tantrum and crying fit or two or three, some of them pretty severe. But to use the phrase the boys hate me to use, that's life in the big city. I think Janey (and me) will be happy to settle into the summer school routine.

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