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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moments from life with Janey

Playing in the back yard this evening, Janey started singing something that sounded like "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". I'm not sure that was it, but I started singing it, and she loved it, and every time I finished singing, she said "Take Me Out!" wanting it sung again. I'm no singer, but I felt appreciated. We did that routine about 10 times, and then I told her we'd go in and find it for her list---her playlist on Tony's iPod. We keep it on the base all the time, and she knows how to play it herself, and listen to the songs she likes. I found two versions I liked. One was Jimmy Buffett singing at Fenway, and replacing "home team" with "Red Sox" and the other was Carly Simon, from the Ken Burns documentary. I played her the Jimmy Buffett one first. Huge mistake. It had a lot of organ music and background cheering, and she was extremely upset. I quickly switched to Carly Simon, and she was much happier. It made me see that a common theme in all songs she likes are very clear lyrics. I love figuring out her tastes, and I love her love of music. We have developed a routine---on the way to school, we play my music, and if she likes something, she repeats a line from it, and I play it again. There isn't something she likes every day, but we've added quite a few songs that way, and it's one of the few times I feel like she's able to truly show me her tastes and preferences. We don't always agree (this weekend featured "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" in heavy replay) but that too is great!

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