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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Assorted Janey Stories

1. Yesterday when arriving at school, Janey went into the office, went up to an old friend of mine that was working there and said "I want coffee", pointing to her cup of joe. I was sheepishly forced to explain that yes, indeed, Janey has a cup now and then. But just on weekends! It's not like she has a problem or anything!

2. A few afternoons ago, Janey replayed her Dennis the Menace routine. Literally within 15 minutes, she dumped a whole canister of Strawberry Nestle Quik on the kitchen floor, poured a bottle of bubble stuff on said floor and then moved on to the living room and opened up her No More Tears Tangle Stray and poured it over the remotes. She took advantage of my cleaning up each spill to move on to the next. Amazing.

3. Janey continues her dysfunctional relationship with The Care Bears Movie. She wants to watch it all the time, despite the fact that the scary parts (and it has more scary parts than you'd think a young kids' movie would) terrify her. She had a flashback in the car to a line that says "The boat is moving by itself!" and worked herself into tears, but couldn't stop obsessing over watching the movie once again when we got home.

4. One of her new favorite songs is "Better Than This" sung by Brad Paisley. She sung out her favorite line loud and clear at the grocery store the other day.."If a busload of women, really good looking women, should suddenly pull in here..." followed by the lyric "Hundred Gallon Keg of Beer!" Tony was glad no-one much was around to hear right then.

5. Janey is still loving the "Tell the cats to say hi to Janey" game. She points to them all the time and says "Say hi to Janey! Say Good Morning to Janey!" She loves feeling superior to them.

6. An ABA specialist at the school (not Janey's, but they all know her!) told me yesterday that Janey saw her across a room and ran over and gave her a big hug, and it made her day. We talked about how if Janey does that, it means a lot, as she does nothing just to be polite. If she hugs you, she means it!

7. Janey always calls her ABA specialist "Mr. McKen" His name is Ken, but both her classroom teachers have "Mc" at the start of their names, so Janey I guess figures that's a prefix that means "teacher".

8. Janey is awake now, so I better stop this list, unless I want to see what she might like to spill on the floor next.

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Sabrina Steyling said...

I love the part about the hugs she gives - and I'm sorry to hear about the spills! Of course, I suppose it could have been worse...maybe.