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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Freddy's observations

Here's a few emails Freddy sent me, after working with Janey on colors using M&Ms. They show both how Janey is doing and how great a teacher/therapist/brother Freddy is! I've noticed what he found about the red family of colors to be true, and also how Janey doesn't seem to understand how words like "not" modify a sentence.

First of all, Janey asked for M&M's. I gave them to her, but with a task,

In a case with two different colored M&M's, to my surprise, Janey picked the correct M&M about 95% of the time when I asked something along the lines of, "Which one is GREEN?" She seemed to get orange and red mixed up, though.

In a case with three different colored M&M's, Janey picked the correct M&M around 75-80% of the time. Again, colors in the RED family, (red, orange, pink, etc.) caused trouble,

To try something new, I asked her, "Which M&M is NOT blue?"

In a case with two different colored M&M's, she picked the correct M&M below 50% of the time, In other words, she was guessing.

However, in a situation with more than two M&M's, around 80% or so of the time she picked the M%M that I specifically told her not to pick. So she basically ignored the word "not."

After about half an hour, she grew bored and decided to run around speaking to herself, and occasionally asked for crackers from me,
She's definitely making progress with her colors, nonetheless,

In my last email, I forget to mention some findings,

In a case scenario where there was one M&M on the table, and I asked her "What color is this?" the majority of the time she answered correctly. Her strong colors (the ones she answered correctly on her first or second attempted color) were blue, yellow, green, and brown. Everything in the red family (red, orange, etc.) were all referred to as pink unless I told her the correct answer.

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