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Saturday, November 15, 2008

What bothers me

I have sort of put my finger on what bothers me about people telling me to try ABA (or dairy free diets, or vitamins, or anything they tell me). If I tell someone that Janey is autistic, they can have know me 5 seconds and Janey just as long or not at all, and they are saying "How much ABA does she get? Is she getting ABA? What kind of program is she in at school? What diets have you tried?" And then feeling free to tell me EXACTLY what I need to do---"You have to force the schools to give her ABA---you have to try diets, you have to this and that..." JUST IMAGINE someone saying that about a "regular" kid---"You have to put her in dancing lessons, you have to send her to private school, you have to make her eat pumpkin every day, you have to teach her phonics...." It just wouldn't happen. Most of us allow others to make decisions about how to raise their own kids, or at least don't presume to know what is best for a child they don't know or barely know. I find it sort of biased to assume EVERY child with autism needs the exact same things.

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