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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Word Retrieval Problems?

I am thinking more and more that Janey has real word retrieval problems. I think it's why she can be very verbal in made up songs that go on and on, but when she has to find a specific word, it's very hard. For example, for days whenever she was asking me for something, she would call me Daddy..."I need a chocolate milk baba, Daddy!" when he was at work. I said I wanted to be called Mama and wouldn't give her things if I was called Daddy. She has solved that by asking for everything by saying Mama AND Daddy---"I want a juice box, Mama and Daddy"---as if it's just too hard to figure out who to ask so she will make us happy by covering both bases. It's almost painful to watch her find the words when she really wants something and can't use a set phrase to get it, like in the car when she wanted a specific talking toy and finally said "Need my froggie computer" in a slow, labored voice, to get her LeapPad toy. But the words are up there, and in songs or in lists she talks to herself they all come out easily. I can't understand it.

She is getting better at choices. I show her two choices, in either hand, and she will pick quickly and easily---for example, cookies or crackers, a doll or a cat. She KNOWS what she wants, but it's so hard for her to put into words. I tried yesterday making Yes and No cards, so she could pick the card. I asked her if she wanted chocolate in her milk and she picked the No card, although I know she wanted it. So I said "Okay, I won't put chocolate in" and that prompted her to actually say out loud "I want chocolate", so even if the cards didn't work as they should, they got her to talk.

She's a mystery that goes on and on.

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