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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wasted money, discouraged

I did a lot of research the last few days, trying to get ideas about good toys for autistic kids. Janey has very few toys that engage her, and I would love to find some. I read a few places how some kids like the Vtech V-Motion. She's interested in video games, at least in trying to get in on ones the boys are playing, although she can't figure them out. I thought it was worth a try, so bought her one and one game (Wonder Pets). The console wasn't that much---$40, but the game was another $15. She had less than zero interest. She didn't get how the motion sensor worked at all. You can set it to use the joystick, which I tried, but she wasn't into it much that way either. Part of it I think is the horrible graphics. I don't know why that kind of system is about 20 years behind "real" systems. And part of it is just that all of a sudden the game demands you do something like figure out what letter or shape to use, and she can't do that. I wish there was a game JUST FOR HAVING FUN for her age---one with decent graphics, where she could move a controller to drive a car around, or explore. I think she's be able to figure it out. Oh, well. I also got her a big mushy ball with pocky rubber spikes, and she likes that, and I got a bunch of Mister Potato Head stuff, which engaged her for about 15 minutes (with me right there of course, egging her on). And there went most all of the money I managed to make working all week on ebay. I wish I had more money. Don't we all. It just seems so unfair sometimes thinking there is ANYTHING out there that could help Janey that I just can't afford. I know that is life, but sometimes I wish life wasn't like that. I would love to get her an iPad. I think she'd be able to figure that out easily, with the touch screen. I'd like to get her a whole huge amount of sensory type toys, fill a whole room with them (if I had an extra room). I'd like to find the perfect camp for when she's a little older. I'd like to be able to even afford after-school at her school. I'd like to be able to get her extra nice clothes. I wish I could afford a babysitter, but with that wish I also would have to wish I KNEW someone would would babysit her for pay. As you can see, this is a dreaming session. I just felt so fed up today with how I chose to spend the little money I had on something that seems like a waste now. It might work for her someday. And it's just money. I'm just indulging myself in self-pity here. Hopefully anyone reading has given up on this post by now, so they don't have to hear all this! But if you didn't, I should say Janey was quite sweet today, good at the ToysRUs, cheery even if she didn't want to play anything, looking precious. So I can't blame her for my rotten mood!

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Kim said...

The Wii will let you just drive around...kinda spendy though. Sometimes you can go play them at the library? My Abby loves to have a purse full of "stuff" - just random stuff (good to pick stuff up at garages sales or the dollar store!). She'll look and sort forever!