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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random thought

Yesterday was a snow day, so I didn't get to see if they really did start ABA right away. Janey doesn't care for snow days or days off. I think she has a little bit of an idea what days are supposed to be school days, and she wants to go to school on them. It's similar to how the teachers say she knows what days she sees therapists at school.

Random things---we had to figure out a system to tie the refridgerator shut, as Janey opens it constantly and rummages for food that she eats a little of and then throws around.

Janey's new phrase to repeat all the time "Wait for the milk!" It's a quote of Tony when she was throwing a complete fit when she wanted chocolate milk and it was taking him longer to get it than she liked. It's funny how she picks up on emotion laded phrases and repeats them. She says the milk one now when she is getting upset and annoyed.

Janey is ending every sentence now pretty much with "Janey" ie "I need dinosaur cookies, Janey", "Teletubbies is coming up next, Janey". (Teletubbies being one of the many things she talks about but has no interest in, the biggest of which remains Sonic, who comes into nearly every conversation)

Janey's singing has picked up lately to a huge extent again. She is learning more songs all the time. It's always startling to hear her sing Black Sabbath ones she learns from William..."All that I can ask from you is a love that never ends..." sung just in tune. She knows the theme song to any TV show she's ever seen. It's not something I can show off as she doesn't do requests---the songs just come to her when they do. Certain ones do mean certain things---when she is very upset, she sings "When you walk through the storm" as I sing that to calm her sometimes. I think "When you're happy and you know it" means she's happy.

Janey is waking up, so I will stop randomizing.

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