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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crying at school more

Janey has had day after day of hysterical crying at school. Hopefully today she didn't, I didn't get a report. I went in to her room with her today, which they don't usually encourage but were nice about me doing. She seemed fine while I was there---I just wanted to see if there was some object or noise in the room that might be upsetting her. I was there for the circle. She was very tuned out except when they sang songs she knew. Then I went to talk to the nurse, who had called me a few times concerned about Janey. I re-assured her that Janey wasn't sick, just fussy, and that she was eating and sleeping fairly okay. Just all so discouraging. It was nice to be in the school a little and see all the people I like and know, but who knows what is going on. I was feeling better for a while but now again feel very low and depressed. The boys are hyper, the house is too small, we have no money, I am late on bills, Janey cries all the time---etc. I try so damn hard to stay positive all the time but it's very hard to do at times.

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