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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crying at school

Janey had a pretty good morning, but got fussy at school time, however, not severely so. She was cheery heading off to school, and I decided once not to just go home and collapse but to check out a new nearby yarn store. I hung out there about an hour enjoying the yarn and people talking about knitting. When I got home about 2:15, there were all kinds of messages. The school had tried to call my cell phone and home phone, and then called Tony---Janey was hysterical at school, having a fit, and so they thought she was sick and wanted us to come get her. Tony had to leave work and was on his way to pick her up. When he got there, she was calm and fine, and they all said they were sorry.

I think she probably had the kind of fit there she often, often has at home, but not at school. It can be set off by most anything, but most often if you try to push her a little to do something she doesn't want to do. I had met the OT today, Miss Heather, and she was going to be working with Janey. We talked a little about how hard it is to teach her. I need to ask more questions about the incident, but my guess is that Miss Heather tried to get her to try a little harder with some task, and Janey freaked out.

I am feeling depressed over this, mostly because I simply can't survive if I can't count on a break while Janey is in school. My cell phone didn't ring somehow, and Tony can't be leaving work all the time. I feel like crying over this. I am sure it's not going to be the last time she loses it like that completely at school. I am sure they really did think she was sick, and the nurse even said she had a low grade fever---I bet she did, she works herself up so much. She was fine at home, perfectly happy. I feel funny taking her to school tomorrow as they think she was sick somehow, but I am going to, I think. Maybe now that they have seen her like that, they will know they can handle it.

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