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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Putting television to use

I've always felt that it's not a big problem for kids to watch TV some. I get a lot of this attitude from my sister, who always let her son watch as much as he wanted. I can't think of a much smarter or better adjusted boy than her 17 year old son, and now he doesn't watch much TV at all, and neither do my 14 or 11 year old (Freddy never did, William did at times).

For a year or so, Janey wouldn't watch any TV. It was too unpredictable for her, I think. Lately I've tried having a routine for TV. Every day we are home, we watch Sesame Street and Word World. She likes both of them a lot, and I watch them with her. They have pretty predictable routines (Sesame Street a lot more now than in the past, with Elmo's World and so on) and watching them day after day,she is getting very happy with them,and saying letters along with them. I think it's a non-threatening way for her to learn, as opposed to drill or flashcards. I know many would disagree. But slowly I think I am developing my own philosophies about her, and having more courage to believe in them.

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