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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feeling better, good talking days

After last week feeling so depressing in the middle, the last few days have been better. Janey has had a few good talking days. They are few and far between but I do love them. On Friday she got a notion that she wanted a chocolate bunny. She adores them, but I had thought she had stopped asking for them a while after Easter, but something reminded her. It was really no use trying to explain seasonal merchandise to her. She was full of suggestions "Let's go to the CVS! Let's go to the chocolate bunny store!" That night,when Tony asked her if she needed help with them computer, she said "What the heck..."She's been singing more little songs too, mostly about Sonic. She really has no idea who Sonic is, I don't think she's ever seen him in a cartoon or video game, but she loves him. She sang a very,very long song at the grocery store about Sonic flying high in the sky like a butterfly. All made up by her.

A friend of mine suggested I try to write down more of the smart cute things Janey says, to help me feel better on low days. At first I felt annoyed by the suggestion, like it was sort of Pollyanna-ish, but it actually was a good idea. So many days feel like treading water or going backwards, it's really good to remember she does make progress.

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