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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting school

Janey started K1 (4 year old kindergarten) on Monday. It seemed to go very well. Her "boyfriend" JJ was right there to hold her hand going into the room. I was thinking she has a weak sense of time, and perhaps the summer seemed like nothing to her, and it just seems like this is another same old day of school (she is in the same room with the same kids mostly, and the same teacher).

It's an integrated classroom, with about 12 regular ed kids and about 4 special ed. Janey was supposed to go full day this year, but they decided 2 other kids needed the spot more. I was upset but I am okay with it now---we don't have to be at school until 12:50pm and that gives me a relaxed morning for the first time in years, and I won't have one again until God knows when. Janey's brothers William and Freddy both walk to school now. I was sort of eager to see if these other 2 kids really looked like they needed the spot, and I think they do from what I saw. I know all the hard core advocates out there are horrified I didn't push my way into getting her the spot. I did get offered a full time place at another school, but I like her where she is and I didn't want to make a change I would have to live with for years. She will be going to after school some this year, and that will extend her day some, so I think it will be okay.

The aide in the room (not for Janey, just a general aide) seems like a sub, as the regular one is out a lot with back problems. She seemed nice, and yesterday told me that Janey stood up in the middle of circle time and yelled out "What's going on here?" which cracked everyone up. Janey of course has told me nothing about school, except last night saying "I will see Ja-chi" (a boy there). I think she lives for the flirting already! She is the littlest and (in my opinion) the prettiest there, and I guess that still works for something.

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