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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some great talking

Janey was talking up a storm tonight. It's not really conversation, but it's so fun to hear. She was talking about Tommy, the cat, and patting him. She said "I love Tommy. He's not a bad cat. I love Tommy most in the whole wide word. He is purple and green and blue, and he has more ears" It wasn't all at once like that, but along those lines. It made me so happy just to hear her talking a lot. All morning she kept coming up to me and saying "Hi, Mama!" and then this afternoon she said "Good morning, Mama!", not the right time but still so nice. She was extra happy after school again. I am feeling more upbeat than some days.

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Suzanne said...

Reading this post now (April 2012, Janey is 7) is bringing me to tears. I know in a way Janey's talking isn't as good as it used to be, but reading the actual kind of speech she used to use and no longer does is very depressing.