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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Manic Crazy Times

The last few days have been tough with Janey. She has been happy at school, that's the good part. But she is really being crazy other times. We went to a friend's house a few days ago. It was going fairly well---we went for a long walk and she played (or ignored) the 3 and 2 year old. Then we had supper there---I should have known that was too long to stay. During supper for no reason at all Janey got up and started strangling the 3 year old in total fury. She didn't of course have strength to hurt him really but it made me sick to see. I yelled at her and grabbed her and put her in time out, which she enjoys because it's just sitting there. Then when I said she could get up she went right back to the boy and did it again, but this time yelling "I'm sorry!" I didn't really finish dinner, just got out of there.

Last night was awful too. She cried for hours without stopping, except now and then to relive me yelling at her "STOP! You are in TIME OUT!" in my tone. Then she got manic and was dancing around the house, jumping up and down and singing very loudly. Finally I did get her to sleep but neither Tony or I got much sleep.

Sometimes I just don't know how we are going to handle her when she is bigger. I guess I just live on hope it will get better. I have told so many people that 4 is the hardest year, based on William and other kids I have known. I hope it's true.

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