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Saturday, October 24, 2015

In The Driver's Seat (Guest post by Janey's daddy!)

For the first time ever, my husband Tony wrote a guest post!  It's written as a letter to Janey, to show appreciation of the changes that have allowed us to travel a bit more lately.

Thank you, Janey!

For the past four months, Janey, you have allowed me to be in the driver's seat of Daddy's car. Almost every day, I take you on at least one car ride, because you want me to play music for you in my car's disc player. This is something you have wanted me to do since you came home from the hospital, after you were very, very sick from your appendix bursting.

You like these car rides with our music that I play for you so much that you seem to also enjoy your bus rides to school in the morning and the afternoon bus rides when you come home from school.  A lot of times you run happily onto the bus in the morning, and Mama tells me that you run off the bus all happy in the afternoon and bolt right into the house.

Daddy's car rides with our music seem to make you so happy, even after you have been very angry or sad, that your brother William said to me, after he came along with us once, "wow, it's like giving Janey medicine." 

Most times our drives together are about an hour long, but sometimes, you and Daddy like the music so much that we drive for two or three or more hours. You hear some songs, like Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" from Woodstock in 1969, or The Ventures' "Wipe Out" from Tokyo in 1966, and you soon look like a humming bird as you drum your arms so fast out of happiness that they become a blur!  Sometimes Daddy and Mama think that our old car is breaking but it's really just you dancing and rocking so fast in the back seat!

And when we drove far away to take Freddy to his new school in New York, and to Maine to see Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Sarah, you were so nice and happy in the car with our music playing, even when we were stuck for a long time in silly Massachusetts' traffic! And you were so good and happy in the hotel houses we stayed in.

And Janey, you put a big smile on Daddy's face whenever you come up to me now and say the first words of a song you want to hear on the next car ride, like, "You want to hear "generals gathered in their masses"?" That song is called "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath, which you like because your brother William has played it on his guitar and sang for many years in his room.

Mama has made you many music discs and put songs on your iPod since you were a little girl that we now play in the car, like "Angels We Have Heard on High" and Johnny Cash's funny song "In the Jailhouse now." And Janey, when you want to hear "Folsom Prison Blues" and you make your voice sound lower and say "hi, I'm Johnny Cash," you do that so well! We play songs "Beat It" and "Bad" from the disc Freddy gave to you for Christmas.  And you laugh a lot when daddy plays Weird Al's "Eat It" and "Fat." Daddy laughed so loudly when you said to me "you ain't fat, you ain't nothing!"

Janey, I hope we don't get too much snow this winter, because I still like to drive you around!

Again, thank you, Janey!


Sabrina Steyling said...

Thank you for writing this guest post / letter, Tony! I love it. From everything I've read on Suzanne's blog to date, I know that you are a wonderful, loving, and patient father to Janey, and she is definitely blessed to have you in her life! As are William and Freddy too, of course.

pianorox said...

This is wonderful.