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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whining, Crying, Talking

Janey has had a mixed morning, and it's only 7:30. She woke up about 4:30, in a mood, crying and whining and carrying on. I had had a restless night, with her as usual sleeping with me (she doesn't care for her bed and rarely sleeps there). I don't mind her in the bed, but she brought along a piece of dry toast last night, left over I guess from a evening snack, and it crumbled all up before I knew it was there, and made for a very uncomfy sleep. Then she filled her diaper while she was sleeping, making for a smelly night. All lots of fun. Then in a middle of this lovely morning she had one of her talking spells. They are so otherworldly sometimes---just out of the blue, like she's telling a story. She talks in a totally difference voice than her usual limited talking, more clearly and with more expression. This one went something like "See my necklace? I have a special necklace. The necklace is stuck, because my head grew bigger. I can't get it off." She didn't have a necklace on, and most of the words she never, ever uses in regular talk---in fact, there aren't many words she uses in regular talk. I don't know if she heard a story about necklaces, or if this is just something she was thinking about. I should just keep my mouth shut when she talks, because I can never resist trying to engage her about what she's talking about, and that just makes her shut up. I wish I could tape one of these monologues, but they happen about once every 4 months, so I'd have to carry a taping device around with me at all times. Now she's back to whining, saying her all time favorite phrase "I want a ba-ba!" and twirling in circles. She's my mystery girl.

(note from the future---8/30/13)  Reading this now, I'm quite amazed at the talking Janey did.  That would still be one of her best talks, assuming the necklace talk was original and not quoted, and I don't think it was.  It's making me realize her talking never really improved over the years, just ebbed and flowed.

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