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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Manic nights

The last few nights have been what I call manic nights for Janey. She has spells of those now and then. She sleeps very little, and spends large parts of the night running around the house, singing to herself, turning lights on and off, waking us up. If we try to contain her in bed, she screams without stopping for hours. It's almost impossible to deal with these nights. I feel totally hung over after one, as I do today, and they come in groups, and tonight shows all signs of being another one---it's close to 9 and she is not a bit sleepy acting, and that is after sleeping probably 2-3 hours last night. She was fine all day, cheery and happy mostly. It's times like these I do consider seeing if she really is bi-polar, and giving in and getting medication. I talked to her pediatrician about it. He is not terribly interventionist, which I like, but he said that some current medications aren't too bad, and that bi-polorness is treatable and if she gets worse, it might be worth really trying to get it treated. I am still skeptical. She is only 5. Just recently I've read about how the new DSM isn't going to even recognize bipolor disorder in kids. I think she's cyclical, for sure, but there might be other reasons. Maybe it's a vicious circle as when she has one of those nights, we are all thrown off and half crazed from lack of sleep, and that affects her into the next night. Sometimes the manic laughter is almost as hard to take as the crying. Some days and nights like this the future looks long and very, very tiring.

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