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Monday, May 3, 2010

Things Janey and I enjoy

I've been trying lately to do more with Janey that we both enjoy. When I find something that we can both enjoy, without me pushing learning or me just doing what she wants to make her happy, it's wonderful. There are a few activities like that. One, as I've mentioned before, is music. When a song is on that we both like, the smile and happiness on her face says it all. She doesn't have to be able to talk to tell me how she feels. We both like big band music, show tunes, country with a beat---a lot of music that the boys in the family don't like as well, so it's great to have a girl to share with! She also loves being outside and wandering around as I did at her age and indeed my whole childhood. I spent as much time outside as I could, walking along the shore in Maine, exploring the woods and just being in the fresh air. Living in the city, it's not quite the same, but Janey loves even walking around our hilly, small back yard. It's been hot lately, and tonight, it was windy and cooling down, and off and on rain. Janey was fussy, so I took her in the yard and we both just enjoyed the wind and cool air, and let the rain fall on us. The look on her face was just like mine. It felt great. She also enjoys a good book. She has her own tastes, and I can't predict what books she will like, but if she DOES like a book, she likes it over and over and over and over. She devours it, like I would do with books when I was little. Except in her case, sometimes she literally bites the book, but still, it's similar. Right now she likes nursery rhymes and fairy tales a lot. It's fun because there are lots of different versions of both, so they can feel familiar without being exactly the same.

My family, both immediate and extended, are such verbal people, such talkers, that it's hard for me sometimes to just let Janey's face and actions talk for her. She's never said to me "Gee, I love music and nature and good books", but I know she does, and I need to enjoy that with her. Some people say she looks like me a little, although she's prettier than I ever was, and it makes me feel happy to think her personality might be a bit like mine in some ways too.

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